Saturday, January 16, 2010

Photo of The Week 2010

I have decided one of my goals this year is to have a Friday photo of the week [POTW]. A bit like a year Quilt but with photos instead. These photos will simply be images I like and want to share.

Friday 1st January.

My first image for the first Friday of January is one I took at Virginia Lakes Reserve at Whanganui [Wanganui] in New Zealand while visiting in September 2009. The art piece is called, Compressione Curiosa by artist Fiona Mackinnon.

SONY DSCFriday 8th January.

This photo I took in my back yard after a spell of rain. I like the illusions of ‘other worlds’ that reflections conjure up.

SONY DSCFriday 15th January.

This image is another I took at Victoria Lakes Reserve. I took several photos of the swan and like the coyness of the swan in this image.


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