Sunday, February 25, 2007

myspace site [no longer active]

All decked out in my tribal belly dance outfit. This photo was taken at the Woodford Folk Festival on New Year's Eve before we headed down to the site to party 2007 in.
Belly Dance Logan City. This is where I go to learn about belly dance with the wonderful Debbie Larcombe.

Today I decided to enter into the myspace blog world. Not as easy to navigate around as this one but its all a learning curve. This week I started back at belly dancing after a long time away from it. It didn't help when at the begining of December last yearI fell and took a small flake of bone off my left ankle and tore a ligament.
On Saturday Debbie, my belly dance teacher, had the first of the tribal belly dance classes. We spent some time sorting out how everyone wanted the class to run then did a workout and discovered all those muscles we hadn't used over the christmas break.