Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Selective Colouring

I've just spent the weekend playing with Photoshop. This time selectively colouring my photos. To do this you first change the image to black and white and then using layers bring back the colour you want in your photo. It's addictive and fun. There are plenty of tutorials you can find on the Internet to learn how to achieve the effects.

The first photo is of Priska. She's a beautiful dog and belongs to a family member. I've put both images in, a before and after.

bellchaume070624 023

After working on the image this was the result.SONY DSC


The image has been darken and saturated to give Priska's coat a deeper colour.





Another type of image which takes well to this type of colouring is flowers.

legrandroc070813 012 This image was taken at Le Grand Roc as we waited for the tour into the caves to open.

After selective colouring this is the result.



The blossoms stand out against the black and white of the rest of the image.

It is a fun way to spend a wet rainy day.




To have a look at more images like this check out my albums on webshots. These images are in the album called Selective Colouring

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Image Manipulation

Today I added another album to my webshots site. It is an album on solarization image manipulation using the 'adjust colour curves' enhancement feature of  Photoshop Elements 6.SONY DSC

I found that some images I'd taken of some flowers worked really well. the flowers taking on a lovely surreal look.solarisation037jpg


After playing around with several images of flowers I began to wonder what other type of image would take to the solarization technique. I began a trawl through my many images of France and found several which suited the image manipulation.


This image of a pink door really stood out from its surrounding stone work.


This image of windows and old shutters also came up trumps.


This image of an old car is one of my favourites. if you want to look at any of my other images you can find them at;

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Storm Clouds

Another year under way and another start to my blog. Towards the end of 2008 we had a few storms wreck their way across the countryside. I captured some of the cloud formations on my camera and have included a few photos here for you to see.



This the storm front as it began its roll over the house. The base of the cloud formation was black and menacing.



The swirls of the clouds as they surged overhead were awesome...



and fascinating...


as they headed on towards Brisbane.

This storm was in September 2008