Monday, November 06, 2006

Sites I like

The following are blog sites I enjoy visiting
birdwomanau, a fellow quilter, Rosdye and threebeautifulthings,
In this photo are three things I like, Jacaranda trees, rain, and the colour purple.


Over the weekend we had some wonderful rain and my rain tank is now well and truly overflowing. We mostly take photos when it is sunny and when it rains the camera remains tucked away. I have been documenting the changes around my the backyard I thought why not photos of the rain.As you can see,when we get a huge downpour, I end up with a 'river' running through my yard. When the builders built my house they cut out a pad for it lowering the house relative to next doors property, the result being I receive the run off from the storms from the higher properties. Across the front of the house I have a 'river' as the water flows out to the storm water drain running around the edge of my property. I realise a few well placed drainage systems would remedy this but then I'd miss out on my moat.
During the morning, between some of the lighter showers, I had ventured outside to photograoh the creeper hanging over the lattice fence between me and my neighbour. The delicate pink of the blossoms are glorious. The flowers are not robust and after a particulary heavy downpour I wondered how the flowers had fared.
The same bunch I had photographed earlier where decidingly worse for wear. The blooms bruised and battered.
But amongst the battered flowers their delicate beauty still remained and the soft petals glistened with small bubbles of water.
The blooms yet to open had survived the battering of the falling downpour. Late in the afternoon the sun peeped through the storm clouds and shone with a beautiful warm glow. I grabbed my camera and sped outside to capture some more images.
In the glow of the late afternoon sun the flowers took on a much deeper colour.
The soft pink of the flowers earlier in the day replaced with a rosy pink hue
Even though some of the flowers no longer had their petals they still appeared majestic.