Sunday, January 20, 2008

After a long absence from my blog site I am back but then has anyone missed me? I guess not. I am sure the people who read this blog are far and few between. This blog is an outlet and idea post for me to record stuff. Anyone who actually reads this, well that's a bonus and I do hope you you enjoy what I post. So, what have I been up to while I been away from this site.
A 3 month trip to France from mid June 2007-mid Sept 2007 for starters, which resulted in the small sum of some 8660 images. Well ,that lot has taken some sorting out. Some of the resultant images reside on my webshots albums at; .
This weekend, just gone, has been a creative one. I've ripped paper, pasted it onto a shoe box, slathered the box with PVA glue, then painted, foiled and drawn on it. The result I am very happy with. Wait for the next post to see the result when I'll give a blow by blow account of what I did.
As well as tizzying up a shoe box I also created some fabric from left over fabric scraps and thread then used it to create a few mini quilts, 5" x 7" in size. A fun weekend. Wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow. I am in the mood for creating, sewing, beading, painting, ripping paper, glueing and creating a mess. So til next time I bid you adieu and like the sunset above I'll depart in a blaze of creativity.
The photo at the top of this post was taken in my backyard a few days ago.