Saturday, October 07, 2006

Towards the end of September the Swell Sculpture Festival was held at the Gold Coast at Currumbin Beach. Spread along the beach and foreshore promanade were several stunning sculptures in a free to the public display. Sculptures ranged from the large to the small and many made from recycled objects. The above sculpture was by local artist Jan Keldar. The stunning mix of steel, stainless steel ,bronze and ferro cement creating a large rendition of an ancient marine life form.
Not to be out done by the man made sculptures Mother Nature added her own display of a sculptured form in this stunning display of a pandanus tree.
Looking out to sea the beautiful sculpture, Mahalo , by Jacqueline Campbell, asks us to celebrate life and live in peace and harmony with the earth, sea and sky.
From a distance this sculpture shone in the bright afternooon sun and beckoned you to examine it's structure. Upon walking closer I found the it to be made from recycled car tyres assembled and painted to resemble an asian pagoda. Local artist Niels Van Amsterdam the creator.
My favourite photo from the ones I took. Dancing in the Bouquet by Carlos Sanchez was stunning. After wandering in and around the sculpture the sun glistening from the edge of one of the large acrylic petals caught my attention. The resultant photo above.
A few weekends before the Swell festival I attended a Memoranza weekend for scrapbooking It was during the tea breaks at the back of the hall I spotted this image and the wonderful play of light and shadows.
Through the fence surrounding the hall , a lone branch of Bouganvillia spreads it ways through the palings seeking the light on the other side.