Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Visual Diary Scrapbooked

I have decided to create a proper scrapbook of my ideas which I have been using for the Friendship books. The first page is about me, the things I do and question about the things I like, or, the 'who am I'. I've given myself 'wings' because I have to 'fly' among the activities I get myself embroiled in. The photo of me is one Jean-Pierre ,my partner, took of me at Victor Harbor in South Australia.
The next two pages are a double spread. I have created small fold out pieces with a photo on each fold out. These eight fold outs are the most important things in my life, family, friends, quilting, scrapbooking, photography, cooking, writing, and belly dancing.

On the inside of each fold out is a written piece briefly describing why each activity is important. I intend this scrapbook to be a visual diary exploring the things which make me tick, my thoughts, the places I enjoy , stuff I do with friends and family and the general humdrum day to day stuff we all know is boring to everyone else but important to ourselves and our famliy history.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Friendship Book: The Dreaming 2006

I finally managed to get a page done for my friendship book about the Dreaming. I decided to make it a double page spread with the pages folding out from the middle to reveal the story in the middle. I found some scrapbooking card at the local newsagent with the aboriginal colours and set about designing the front piece.I wanted the design to flow like a landscape. I ended up laying the three pieces of paper together and cut the design through the three pages then reassembled the pieces I wanted. It was then time to sit and paint the two pages before gluing them into the book.
I went through my pictures trying to select which ones I wanted to include in the layout. With so many to choose from, around 400! it was no easy task. In the end I settled on eight images which I felt conveyed the overall feeling of the Dreaming.
The highlights of the weekend for me where;
the atmosphere even with the inclement weather in the first few days,
The wonderful Snuff Puppets at the Dancestry site,
Gorgeous sculptures by a New Zealand artist. Carved out of campher laurel these statues were stunning,
And who could forget The Bigotbri CWA Ladies, their act extremely funny.

The crowds weren't large compared to the anuual Woodford Folk Festival so moving around was easy and the warmth from large fires in huge tins dotted around the site a favourite with all.The Message Stick truck was a delight as well with its painted decoration. Everybody enjoyed the Closing Ceremony, a wonderful mixture of dance and song.

If you have the chance and have nothing to do over the long weekend in June I'd suggest a visit to The Dreaming for a great dose of music and culture.